Through this method of transport, almost all cargo can be delivered in the shortest time.

PANDA LOGISTICS – Air Transport Services, has continuous monitoring in our network, which includes pickup, transit, customs clearance and delivery of the goods to you.


– Customs brokers;

– Fiscal custom clearence;

– Additional insurance during transportation;

– Handling of special cargo (oversized cargo, dangerous, etc.);

– Close collaboration with first-class carriers;

– Planning and monitoring of each transport;

– Immediate availability of the total price of transport (up to the door);

– Planning and coordination of alternatives for transport;

– Billing precise and standardized;

– Receive instant transport reference by e-mail, so shipping instructions can be transmitted as soon as order was confirmed.


Panda Logistics railway department is ready to help you find the right and customized solution for your business needs.

Railway transport from China (FCL,LCL) up to Germany, Spain or Poland, via Russia.

Transit time and tariff are between air freight and sea freight services.



PANDA LOGISTICS – Sea Transport Department is ready to help you to find the right solution and customized for your business needs.



– Container transport under full equiped (FCL);

– Shipping containers under loads (LCL);

– Customs formalities;

– Direct LCL services from / to Asia Pacific – Romania;

– LCL and FCL Import of 37 ports in the Far East;

– LCL and FCL exports both in Constanta harbor and the main ports in Europe;

– Immediate availability of the total price;

– Planning and coordination of transport time variations. Shipments are monitored in real time;

– Automatic Alerts and proactive communication;

– Receive instant transport reference by e-mail, so shipping instructions can be transmitted as soon as order was confirmed.


PANDA LOGISTICS – Road Transport Department provides domestic or international transport all types of trucks providing itineraries to meet your transportation needs.


– Transport under full equiped (FTL);

– Transport under loads (LTL);

– Freight transport oversized and special transport (ADR cars, refrigeration)


Turnover is the source of success for many businesses. On the other hand, the money is frozen in tax administrations, so your profit will be lower.

Do you want to be able to defer the VAT payments, to benefit from an import process quick and simple and also to get a lower price overall for the transport?

In this case, the customs tax is the solution for you!

Customs tax may be done in Germany, Belgium, Austria, while the final destination of the goods are not in one of these countries, but in another, in the European Union.

The major advantage is that, in the time of import, the end customer will only pay customs duties, and the VAT will be delayed for payment.

VAT on imported goods and thus cleared, it is recognized in the tax declaration of VAT input and output at the same time. It is set on paper only and the fee may be deferred.


– You can freely use your capital and you can multiply in this way your proffit. The money that you will usually use to pay VAT, for customs clearance, in your country, can remain in your company account for investments.

– You reduce the costs for customs clearance. The fiscal custom clearance of the goods will allow you to eliminate costs that accompany the release of a document T1 and the customs clearance in your country. Instead of several procedures, the goods will be subject to an only lift. Fiscal Custom Clearance in Germany must be reported to the competent income in your country.

– The goods will be imported faster and you reduce storage costs. Thanks to the unique customs procedures, Atlas, in Germany, will clear the goods faster by shortening their staying at the office and minimizing the storage fee.