Air freight – Cargo

We cover key international markets, but we also offer personalized solutions to atypical destinations. Our dedicated agents provide the highest quality services, being present in over 150 offices around the world! Depending on your needs and budget, transit time may vary, with premium and economy options in our offer.

In addition, we offer on demand the following air transport related services:

– Customs formalities of Import-Export;

– Securing cargo during transportation;

– Handling of special goods such as oversized and dangerous goods;

– Delivery and pickup at and from the door.

Last but not least, we offer tax customs services on import from non-EU countries via Frankfurt Airport!

Thus, turnover is the key to success for many companies.

On the one hand, as the money is frozen within the tax administration for a longer time, the less your profit will be due to the lack of available capital for the rollout.

Therefore, deferring VAT allows you to get a faster and easier import process, while at the same time getting a lower fare for your shipment.

In addition, the major advantage is that at the time of import, the final customer will pay only the customs duties, and VAT will be postponed from payment.

On the other hand, choosing this way to import goods from non-EU countries, transport time can be reduced by reducing bureaucratic formalities.

At the same time, the customs process also reduces the cost of warehousing due to the unique Atlas customs system adopted by Germany.

Moreover, by this import mode, you will receive a VAT registration number, the payment of which will be done through regularization with the Romanian authorities at the time of the sale of the goods.

As a result, the Frankfurt airport can unlock the capital you need to develop your business, transporting faster and at a lower cost.

If these advantages persuade you, our tax office through Frankfurt Airport is the solution for you!